Monday, November 9, 2009

Little education endangers society

Little education endangers society
Allen tells AMEZUC students

The Director General of the Civil Service Agency (CSA Dr. C. William Allen has reminded students of African Methodist Episcopal Zion University College (AMEZUC) that “little learning endangers the future of any country.”

He said student government prepares individuals for national leadership and as such, it is always good to be a leader with enviable record.

Serving as key speaker Friday on the main campus of the school at programs marking the induction of the leadership of the senior class, Dr. Allen said “student government is a rehearsal for national leadership; you are therefore under obligation to demonstrate good moral behavior as those that elected you are equally watching you.”

Dr. Allen challenged the students to combine their skills with silence and listening; something he noted produces wisdom, adding “make sure your opinions are always backed by facts and research.

He encouraged the students to take their education seriously, warning that little education endangers society.

The former Information Minister reminded the students to be mindful as to who they vote into leadership, adding,” I did not come here to campaign for any candidate in the Montserrado County By-election, but I only want admonish you to please shine your eyes and elect a responsible candidate that will represent your country at all levels.”

In his inaugural address, the President of the senior class, Peter Karngbaye, assured the school’s administration of the fullest cooperation of students.

He said the class will remain committed to the fundamental principles of the university even after they shall have left, adding, “We believe in participatory leadership and transparency—actions are indicators of man’s character.”

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