Thursday, November 12, 2009

For uncovering FUBI's dirty ice saga:

Commerce official verbally abused Monitor’s reporter

The Inspector General at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has accused Liberian journalists, especially The Monitor’s reporter, who is currently investigating the sanitary conditions under which ‘mineral water’, ice and other consuming products are being produced on the Liberian market, of overlapping the functions of the Ministry’s inspectors, who according to her has the oversight responsibility.

Inspector General Maceatoh Wreh arrogantly accused our reporter, who had gone to the Standard Division at the Ministry, through its Public Relation Office to inquired about latest findings on the ‘dirty ice’ produced by the First United Business Incorporated (FUBI), that he was instead attempting to solicit money or blackmail the Ministry and its officials.

Madam Wreh emotional outburst was constantly quieted through the intervention of some employees of the Ministry and others as she aggressively raged towards our reporter. The Commerce official raged: “You people just passing around the place, for ‘karto’ (gift) and overlapping our functions and calling yourselves journalists”.

The Monitor recently uncovered through its investigation that ice produced by FUBI were processed not only in a filthy environment but is unsafe for human consumption.

Our investigation also disproved the Company’s claims that it was receiving safe water supply from the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC), and that the name FUBI was never seen on any records at the LWSC.

The action by the Commerce Inspector General has been described by pundits as, ‘strange’ and warrants further investigation.

Meanwhile, latest information gathered by this paper reveals that following the unrelenting reportage on the unsanitary condition, the Company (FUBI) has began major renovation of its facility, beginning with the painting of the buckets in which the ice are produced.

In related development, the Director of Standards, Mohammed Turay said the KEN Mineral Water Company recently shut down by the government will not operate, unless the Company relocates to a more conducive site.

Mr. Turay indicated that the company was closed down for operating and producing below the Country’s water quality standards and among other condition.

He said the Commerce Ministry is putting into place all necessary mechanisms to ensure that water being produced in the country meets the Liberian water standards.

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