Friday, August 12, 2011

“EIA Is Not One Man’s Thing”

…EPA Boss Asserts
The Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia (EPA) says the issue of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a problem that requires the involvement and participation of all stakeholders in the country.
Madam Anyaa Vohiri said the EIA process needs the collective expertise of every well-meaning Liberian and other stakeholders in order to make the country safer.
Speaking recently at the close of an environmental evaluator 2011 training and licensure for over 40 EIA investigators, auditors and receivers held in Monrovia, Madam Vohiri said a safe environment is the bedrock for sustainable development in any country.
The EPA Executive Director stressed the need for the EPA to form part of all concessional negotiations, policy plans or activities that are likely to lead to the degradation of the country’s environment.
The EPA is the successor of the National Environmental Commission of Liberia (NECOLIB) first established in 1999. According to the Environment Management and Protection Law of Liberia, the EPA is to form part of these agreements in order to identify the anticipated impacts of a proposed policy, project or activity, both adverse and beneficial impacts, and predict the extent and scale of the impact.
EIA is a tool for assisting environmental management and for contributing to sustainable development.
The purpose of EIA is to identify potential environmental impacts from proposals, such as projects and programs, and to propose means to avoid or reduce the significant impacts.
EIA also institutes the rules, regulations and procedures for an internationally recognized and effective environmental management tool which helps to attain and maintain a rational balance between socio-economic growth and environmental protection. Writes, Sam Zota, Jr. (August 2, 2011)

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