Wednesday, May 12, 2010

‘Death trap’!

The lives of thousands of people (women, children, students, street peddlers, motorcyclists and other residents) roaming the overcrowded streets of Monrovia, especially the Johnson Street area are being threatened by an opened sewage closed to the sidewalk of the street.
The ‘death trap’ situated on Johnson and Carey Streets that is usually seen crowded during school hours with students, mainly from the J. W. Pearson Elementary School and other students.
The sidewalk meant for pathway for pedestrians is evidently seen occupied by shoe-shine boys, money exchangers, and other peddlers at the detriment of those roaming the street daily.
Despite the danger that the opened sewage system is posing to the lives of people roaming street, residents of the community are also taking advantage of the situation to dispose of their wastes and other garbage.
The pit according to one of the street peddlers who only referred to himself as Jerry was left open by the Chinese Company CICO upon the completion of the road late April.
Jerry who was, himself seen with assorted goods in a wheelbarrow standing just next to the pit was endangering the lives of many pedestrians mainly at night.

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