Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stay in your bobble

-don’t deceive our people
An executive of the former ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP) has warned members of the ruling Unity Party (UP) of Africa’s first democratically elected female President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to stop deceiving the international community that all is what he ‘rosary’ as hardship has engulfed the entire country.

“I don’t care how distance the Unity Party government wants to be from the truth, our people are catching hard time; if you want people to sing songs of praises, go to your party headquarters let your partisans do that, but do not deceive our people,” Mr. Lewis Brown said.

Speaking at debate organized by the Students Unification Party (SUP) of the University of Liberia under the theme: “A Critical Look at the Unity Party Led Government after Four Years down the Read, Where are we”? said it is not enough for the government to boast of the number of school buildings that been or are being constructed across the country, but the standards and quality of education that are being offered in those buildings is what matters.

“Save the buildings and teach me under the trees or kitchen but up to standard that I can compute with other students in the region and other parts of the world and represent my-self, my family and the country,” the NPP executive noted.

He said the World Bank recent report rated Liberia very poorly in human resource capacity building or development, adding, that 50% of teachers in Liberia are untrained and if the educational sector must be revamped to allow Liberian students to compute with other students in the region and other parts of the world, the government should place more priority on the educational sector in its budget.

Mr. Brown said the Unity Party led government should rather applaud the oppositions for the level of constructive engagement or criticisms on issues of national concerns being experienced in the country, unlike in the past that oppositions including President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and others choose to oppose or disagree with issues by supporting and raging war on the country.

He however commanded the government for the level of enrolment in the primary schools between girls and boys of school going ages.

Defending the other side of the coin, Maryland County Senator, John Ballout said the UP administration inherited what he called ‘a fail state’ that was of no significance and has transformed it into a beacon of hope for the continent of Africa and the world at large.
“Shame on those opposition politicians who have got nothing to offer but to take up the microphones and air waves to confuse the ordinary people by deception and lies,” Senator Ballout said.

He said the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s government has provided the platform and the space for oppositions and others to freely express themselves which was never experienced under past administrations.

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