Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dr. Kpoto faces indictment?

In Jarwalay’s death
Mr. Ziama Kpoto, son of a renowned Liberian politician, Kerkura B. Kpoto, has accused the Liberian National Police (LNP) of hiding Dr. Robert Kpoto from facing justice in the case involving their sister, Jarwalay Kpoto-Wisseh who was killed in a tragic motor accident in Oldest Congo Town, outside Monrovia, last September.
According to investigation conducted by our reporter, Dr. Kpoto and the late Jarwalay were in the back of an unmarked vehicle on that fateful early morning of September 14 at about 1:30 am when a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) vehicle marked 025 heading to the Paynesville, Jacob Town ran into the parked vehicle where the girl was later pronounced dead on arrival (DOA) at Du-side hospital in Firestone.
Mr. Kpoto, who walked into our newsroom to express the family frustration over the delay to investigate the case, noted that it was rumored within the family that Dr. Kpoto was constantly having an affair with the late Jarwalay and was warned on several occasions by some family members to discontinue such illicit affair.
According to the investigation, Mr. Ziama Kpoto said the family is of the strongest opinion that the police allegedly received bribe from either Dr. Kpoto or UNDP for which the case has been entirely buried.
He is, however, appealing to the Ministry of Justice and rights organizations in the country to come to the assistance of the family which is seeking justice in death of their sister and daughter.
When Dr. Kpoto was contacted to comment on the issue, he simply replied our reporter: “My brother the case is with police and I will advise you to please contact the police for any information relating to this matter.”
However, the police confirmed that there is pending investigation into the matter, but Dr. Kpoto who is principal suspect in the case was out of the country for several months.
The police investigator, who begged for anonymity, said now that Dr. Kpoto was back into the country, the case would resume. He, however, failed to state the exact date for the hearing, but noted that he could be indicted.
Despite reports by the police that Dr. Kpoto was out of the country, independent investigation conducted revealed that he (Dr. Kpoto) had all along been in the country and that he was only out of the country for three days following the accident.
Meanwhile officials of the UNDP have remained tightlipped on the issues. Investigation into the matter continues.

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